17 September 2013

greetings from greece: zakynthos

I came back from my holiday in Zakynthos yesterday and I'm already missing the lovely island. The blue Ionian Sea, the mountains, the olive trees, the frappé coffees and simply the feeling of being far away from home made it an amazing experience. I'm really happy to have seen Navagio Beach, which is considered one of the most beautiful beaches in the world. Silly enough I broke my camera while stepping out of the boat onto the beach and now I have to miss it for 3 weeks while it's being repaired. Till then I have some outfit posts to share with you, so stay posted.

Have a great day! ♡

1. The Vathia Nera Mountains near Vromi Beach
2. Beautiful flowers in Zante Town
3. Handling the map during our road trip
4. Grapes and other fruits grow all around the island
5. Relaxing by the swimming pool
6. View over the village of Agia Marina
7. Sitting on the rooftops just outside our hotel
8. Shipwreck or Navagio Beach

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